Thank you for using Frontline's Solver SDK. There is a major upgrade to your product available for download.  For a summary of enhancements in this upgrade, see What's New in Solver SDK V12.0.

Important Notes

These instructions are ONLY for commercial customers with current Annual Support.

You will need a new V12.0 license code to run this upgrade, which is free for users with current Annual Support. If Annual Support for one or more of your Frontline products has lapsed, simply contact us today at 775-831-0300 or email We can confirm your support status and explain the easy steps to catch up on support at the lowest available pricing.

If you also own one or more optional plug-in Solver Engines (such as Gurobi, LSSQP, etc.), upgrade your Solver SDK Platform first and then upgrade any optional plug-in Solver Engine(s). Your Frontline Solver Platform and plug-in Solver Engines must be the same version number to work together.

1. Download your upgrade

  • If you aren't currently logged in to, enter your username or email address, and your
    password in the form below.
  • Click the button to proceed immediately to the Download page, and follow the instructions there.
  • Follow Step 2 before you run the Setup program.

2. Get your new license

If you have a flex use license (where more than one person uses a single license stored on a remote server) please contact us at 775-831-0300 or contact for the appropriate license code.

Otherwise (most people): Visit My Account and click the License Keys tab to get your unique license activation code(s) for V12.0.  (If you don't see a V12.0 activation code, wait 24 hours or just contact us.)

3. Install your upgrade

  • When you run the SDKSetup program, enter your new license activation code when prompted.
  • You can also do this later by running the SolverLicMan.exe program and pasting the code into the field in the middle of the dialog box, on the Activation Code tab.
  • Repeat for any additional products or optional plug-in Solver Engines.

This is a compatible upgrade. You'll need to rebuild your application, but all existing API calls should work as before.


If you have any questions or need any assistance please contact us:

  • During USA business hours, click the Live Chat link in the upper right corner of any page of
  • Call us at +1 775-831-0300 and press 3 for customer service and license codes; as a backup press 0.
  • Send email to -- this goes into our Help Desk system, where multiple people can respond.

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