Thank you for attending Daniel Fylstra's session Advanced Analytics for Excel Users: Learn How to Do It Yourself on February 25, 2016 -- part of the PASS Business Analytics Conference Marathon Webinar series.  We received many positive comments about this session, and several requests for copies of the PowerPoint presentation and an example Excel workbook.  So here they are:

The Excel workbook contains a Power Pivot "spreadsheet data model" with a Sales fact table of 2.3 million rows, summarized via Pivot Tables on the Excel worksheets.  On the "Shipments by State" worksheet, there is a Solver model that finds the minimum cost way to ship goods from 6 regional plants to 18 states and provinces, to meet the aggregate demand for those goods at each destination, without exceeding the supply on hand at each source.  If you have the Solver add-in enabled, you can solve this model using the Solver icon in the Analysis group on the Data tab in Excel.

If you found the Business Analytics Marathon helpful, considering registering to attend the upcoming PASS Business Analytics Conference, May 2-4 in San Jose, California.  And to start seriously building your own expertise in advanced analytics, register for Daniel Fylstra's day-long Pre-Conference Session on May 2 -- and be sure to bring your laptop!  This session will start at 8:30am and run through 4:30pm, with a break for lunch.  There's so much we can cover in a full day, compared to 45 minutes in the Marathon!