Frontline Solvers are the world's most popular software tools for solving optimization problems.

Our basic Excel Solver, included with every version of Microsoft Excel for 25 years, is now available to over one billion users -- including you!

For users who need more power, speed, and capacity for solving large models, we offer two upgrade options:

Our most powerful upgrade for conventional optimization,
solves models with up to millions of decision variables
  • Premium Solver Pro:  Our first professional upgrade, 100% upward compatible from Excel Solver
  • Premium Solver Platfom:  Our most powerful upgrade for conventional optimization (also 100% compatible), with five built-in and eight plug-in Solver Engines.

Optimization Explained

Optimization is the right analytics method when you have many decisions to make, to use resources such as money, raw materials, people time, machine capacity, or warehouse space for different purposes, where there are constraints on how many resources are available, or how they can be used.  Optimization typically saves money by finding the best possible way to allocate your resources.

See a range of typical Optimization scenarios »   Learn more about optimization in our tutorial »

What product is right for you?

Premium Solver Pro handles linear models 10 times larger (2,000 decision variables), and nonlinear models twice as large (400 variables) as the Excel Solver.  It is upgradeable to Premium Solver Platform.

Premium Solver Platform handles linear models 40 times larger, and nonlinear models 5 times larger than the Excel Solver, and with plug-in Solver Engines, it solves industrial problems with up to millions of variables.

Other Analytic Tools:  If you need to analyze uncertainty and risk, see our Simulation products.  If you need to analyze data and make predictions, see our Data Mining products.


Features and Benefits

Excel Solver CompatibleUse existing Solver models and VBA macros as-is, but solve faster -- just open your workbook and solve.
Upgrade to full analyticsUpgrade to Risk Solver Platform or Analytic Solver Platform for simulation, optimization with uncertainty, and data mining/predictive analytics.
Easier model buildingConstraint Wizard helps you define your model; Guided Mode evaluates your model and helps you solve it with the best Solver Engine.
Faster solutionsSolve 2X to 200X faster thanks to advanced Solver Engines and our super-fast, proven accurate PSI Interpreter.
Better solutionsFind better solutions to portfolio optimization and global optimization problems, and models using arbitrary Excel functions.
More Pro/Platform featuresOptimize multiple scenarios with parameters, create reports and charts, use 90 example models, chat with tech support live within Excel.
More Platform featuresAutomatically transform IF and LOOKUP functions, take advantage of multi-core processors, create multi-dimensional models using Pivot Tables.


2-Minute Video Demos

Add Decision VariablesAdd ConstraintsAdd Max/Min ObjectivePlot Obj/Constraints
Diagnose Your ModelSelect Solver EngineSolve ManuallySolve with Guided Mode
Create Answer ReportCreate Sensitivity ReportCreate Limits Report 



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