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Frontline Solvers are the clear #1 choice of leading universities and textbook authors around the world to teach and learn business analytics: optimization, simulation, decision analysis, and data mining.

This page contains information on how:

  • Enrolled students can download the right version for their class
  • Professors can easily get the required codes so their students can download the software, and
  • Professors considering adopting our software for their course can learn more.

Students: Need to Download Our Software for your Class?

When you receive a Course Code and Textbook Code from your instructor, you can download a free education version of our software with a semester-length license, which also comes with installation and technical support to help you get started quickly. Unfortunately, we can’t help you with your homework…

Note: it is important that you use the student download page to ensure you get the correct version of our software for your course. Do not download our free 15 day commercial trial version since after 15 days it will no longer work for you.

Simply visit our student download page and enter your Textbook Code and Course Code to download the correct software for your course.

Professors: Getting the appropriate codes so your students can download

If you’ve already adopted a textbook using our software for your course, but don’t yet have a Textbook Code or Course Code so your students can download the software, simply email us at, or call 775-831-0300 (country code 01), press 0, and ask for the academic coordinator.

Considering Adopting Frontline Solvers for your Class?

Take advantage of the unbeatable combination of our Analytic Solver Platform for Education software and new editions of management science textbooks and classroom materials from leading authors – designed for each other. Now you can teach with the leading optimization, simulation, decision analysis, and data mining software, use the leading textbooks, and get world-class tech support for you, your IT staff and your students – all at great academic prices.

You can visit our Academic Program Overview page to learn more. Of course, you can also contact us to discuss your specific needs and get your own free evaluation license. You'll see why so many leading universities and textbook authors have adopted our software.

Analytic Solver for Education

We offer a special education version of our market-leading Analytic Solver Platform with all the power of our commercial version and some very reasonable problem size limits. Like our flagship commercial product, this education version is fully upward compatible from the Excel Solver and Premium Solver, and includes:

  1. All the power of our industrial-strength optimization product Premium Solver Platform,
  2. All the capabilities of our Monte Carlo simulation and stochastic optimization tool Risk Solver Platform,
  3. All the capabilities of our forecasting and data mining tool XLMiner, and
  4. Sensitivity analysis, decision trees, and a special version of the Gurobi Solver – the world’s best LP/QP/MIP Solver.

With Analytic Solver for Education You Can Teach and Learn With:

  • Leading textbooks and software designed for each other. Several leading textbooks use ASPE exclusively, simplifying the classroom experience and reducing support required by your school’s IT department.
  • Flexible pricing and licensing which works with your budget. We offer very aggressive academic pricing designed to allow your school to more easily offer our industry leading tools.
  • Unified teaching of optimization, simulation, decision analysis, and data mining. With one program you can teach the full range of concepts minimizing the time spent learning the software and maximizing the time spent learning key concepts and how to solve real problems.
  • Upward compatible from Excel Solver and Premium Solver. As the leading choice for business analytics in academia our new ASPE product provides a smooth upgrade experience so all your existing models and examples will continue to work but your students will be learning on the latest tools they will see in business.
  • Analytic Solver Platform for Education Product Overview
  • Analytic Solver Platform for Education FAQ

New Editions of Leading Textbooks

The 7th and 8th Editions of Cliff Ragsdale’s textbook Spreadsheet Modeling and Decision Analysis, the 4th and 5th Editions of Powell & Baker’s book Management Science: The Art of Modeling with Spreadsheets, and the 2nd and 3rd Editions of Camm, Cochran, Fry and Ohlmann's Essentials of Business Analytics use Analytic Solver Platform throughout.

Spreadsheet Modeling and Decision analysis      Management Science      Essentials of Business Analytics

For you, all three textbooks come with teaching aids such as PowerPoint slides and videos, answers to exercises and more. For your students, Frontline grants them a free semester-length license to use the software with these textbooks.

Dedicated Technical Support

We offer dedicated technical support for you when teaching with our software, for your school’s IT staff dealing with lab machines and campus networks, and for your students during installation.

Our goal is to get you and your class up and running quickly and easily, so you can focus on teaching modeling concepts rather than software technical issues. We can even provide temporary license codes for models that exceed RSPE size limits.

Contact us to discuss your needs, see why so many leading universities and textbook authors have adopted our software, and get your own free evaluation license.