The Rank and Percentile tool generates an output table containing the ordinal and percentage ranking of each value in the dataset. 

Use the Rank and Percentile tool on the example dataset below to rank the observations from largest to smallest and to generate the percentile values. 

Rank and Percentile Example Dataset

To generate the rankings

  1. On the XLMiner Analysis ToolPak pane, click Rank and Percentile
  2. Enter B1:B32 for Input Range.
  3. Leave "Columns" selected for Grouped By since the data is contained within a column.
  4. Since cell B1 contains the column label, leave Labels in First Row selected.
  5. Enter E1 for the Output Range. 
  6. Click OK.

Rank and Percentile Pane

The results are shown below.

Rank and Percentile Results

The sample values have been ordered from largest to smallest with their corresponding rankings and percentiles.