PsiCalcParam(values_or_lower, upper, base_case)

PsiCalcParam provides a list of different values that a variable should have in different calculations.  Pass the lower limit for the parameter or alternatively, a list of values or a cell range, for the Values_or_lower argument and the upper limit for the parameter for the optional Upper argument.  The argument, base_case, will be used when no specific calculation is indicated, i.e. if running a simulation or sensitivity parameters analysis on a model where PsiCalcParam exists. 

PsiCalcParam accepts non-numeric values when the first argument is an array and the second argument is missing. 

All elements of PsiCalcParam must be of the same data type, i.e. only strings, only Booleans, only numbers, etc.  Otherwise the error, "All elements of PsiCalcParam must have the same type.", will be returned. 

Note:  In Desktop Analytic Solver, the "current" calculation number is always displayed on the Tools tab of the Solver Task Pane and the returned value of PsiCalcParam reflects that calculation number.  As a result, it is not possible to "see" the basecase value in action unless another type of parameter analysis is being run, i.e. a simulation parameter analysis or a sensitivity parameter analysis. 

For a description of this function in use, please see the example file, Calculation Parameter Example, by clicking Help – Example Files – Decision Table and Decision Tree Examples on the Analytic Solver ribbon.