PsiTruncateP ([min],[max])

PsiTruncate is used to restrict the values of samples from an uncertain variable’s distribution or certain PSI Statistic functions to lie within the range from min to max measured as percentiles. 

min <= max and 0 < min, max < 1

Supported PsiStatistics functions are:  PsiKurtosis, PsiMax, PsiMean, PsiMedian, PsiMin, PsiMode, PsiPercentile, PsiPercentileD, PsiRange, PsiSkewness, PsiStdDev, PsiTarget, PsiTargetD and PsiVariance. 

When PsiTruncateP is applied to a distribution or Psi Statistic, Analytic Solver will restrict samples drawn from the distribution or statistic function to values within the minimum-maximum range.

This property accepts "empty" arguments for the min and max parameters in order to restrict values on only 1 side of the distribution.  If not provided, no restriction will be applied.   


Uncertain Function – PsiNormal(0,1,PsiTruncateP(.05, .95))

Psi Statistic Function – PsiMean(A1,,,,PsiTruncateP(.05, .95)) where A1 = PsiNormal(0,1)

If unsupported parameters are given, function will return #NUM