PsiPercentileCI (cell,percentile,confidence_level, [simulation])

PsiPercentileCI returns the confidence “half-interval”  for a given percentile (.01-.99) value for the specified uncertain function cell.  If the optional simulation argument does not exist, simulation = 1 is assumed. 

This function is computed as:  Lower:  PsiPercentile-PsiPercentileCI, Upper:   PsiPercentile + PsiPercentileCI.

Since the output of PsiPercentileCI is symmetric, the mean and median are theoretically the same, i.e. PsiMeanCI(cell, 0.95) is expected to be approximately equal to PsiPercentileCI(cell, 0.5, 0.95).

This function together with PsiMeanCI, PsiMeanCIB, PsiStdDevCI, PsiCITrials and the newly added PsiTargetCI, make up the confidence interval functions in Analytic Solver.   

Example:  PsiPercentileCI (A1,0.95, 0.99,2)  - Finds the confidence half-interval for cell A1 using the 95th percentile and a confidence level of 99% for the 2nd simulation.