A portion of the statistic functions below may be used in conjunction with Dimensional Modeling.  When used with Dimensional Modeling, two additional arguments are utilized:  struc_format and param_slice.  See the chapter Dimensional Modeling Psi Functions for more information.  Psi Statistics functions that do not support these added parameters are:  PsiCorrelation, PsiCount, PsiCurrentSim, PsiCurrentTrial, PsiFrequency, PsiOutput, PsiSimOutput,  PsiSpearmanRho, and all PsiTheo functions. 

When moving from @Risk to Analytic Solver, the Prop_fcn can be used to obtain the same results in Analytic Solver as was returned in @Risk.  Two properties may be passed for Prop_fcn, either PsiTruncate or PsiTruncateD.  See below for an explanation of each.

Example of the use of the Prop_fcn property

=PsiMean(A1,,,,PsiTruncate(0,50))   where A1 contains the PsiNormal(0,1) Psi distribution.

The following Psi statistics functions support the use of the Prop_fcn property:  PsiMean, PsiKurtosis, PsiMax, PsiMedian, PsiMin, PsiMode, PsiPercentile, PsiPercentileCI, PsiPercentileD, PsiPercentiles, PsiPtoX, PsiQtoX, PsiRange, PsiSkewness, PsiStdDev, PsiTarget, PsiTargetCI, PsiTargetD, PsiVariance, PsiXtoP and PsiXtoQ.