PsiSimOutput() or PsiSimOutput(cell range)

PsiSimOutput behaves exactly the same as PsiOutput where it marks cell as an uncertain function, with a distribution of trial values.  You can either reference the cell as an argument of PsiSimOutput() – for example PsiSimOutput (B1) – or you can add PsiSimOutput() to the computed result – for example, if the uncertain function formula in cell B1 is =A1+A2*ABS(A3), edit this formula to read =PsiSimOutput()+A1+A2*ABC(A3).

PsiSimOutput() always returns 0, so it will not affect the value of the uncertain function.  Using PsiSimOutput() is optional – if you reference an uncertain function cell as the first argument of another PSI Statistics function, that cell is implicitly marked as an uncertain function.

You can use a formula such as =PsiSimOutput (B1:B10) to group contiguous uncertain function cells together in Analytic Solver Platform’s VBA object model, so they appear as one Function object in the Problem’s Functions collection.  For further information, see “PsiOutput() and “Uncertain Function Objects” in the section “Using PSI Functions” in the Frontline Solver Reference Guide.