PsiTargetCI (cell,target_value,confidence_level, [simulation])

PsiTargetCI returns the confidence “half-interval” for the cumulative probability of the target value in a distribution of trial values for the specified uncertain function cell.  This means that PsiTarget is accurate within PsiTarget +/- PsiTargetCI with a given confidence level.  If the optional simulation argument does not exist, simulation = 1 is assumed. 

This function is computed as:  Lower:  PsiTarget-PsiTargetCI, Upper:   PsiTarget + PsiTargetCI.

This function together with PsiMeanCI, PsiMeanCIB, PsiStdDevCI, PsiCITrials and the newly added PsiPercentileCI, make up the confidence interval functions in Analytic Solver.   

Example:  PsiTargetCI (A1,7, 0.99,2)  - Finds the confidence half-interval for cell A1 for the target value = 7, using a confidence level of 99% for the 2nd simulation.