PsiTheoPercentile(cell_or_name, percentile) or PsiTheoPtoX(cell_or_name, percentile)

PsiTheoPercentile and PsiTheoPtoX are alternate names for the same function.  Both functions return the analytic percentile (CDFInv) value for the distribution specified in the cell_or_name argument.   Enter the desired percentile (in decimal form) for the percentile argument, i.e. .01, .30, or .98.  The percentile value must be between 0 and 1. 

Example:  If A1 =PsiNormal(0,1) then

=PsiTheoPercentile(A1, .50) and PsiTheoPtoX(A1, .50) return the 50th percentile for the PsiNormal(0,1) distribution.

Note:  Analytic Solver statistics functions that begin with PsiTheo return a statistic on a simulation input distribution.