Get the insight and answers you need with the leading optimization and simulation tools for Excel. With Frontline Solvers you can build better models faster, optimize the biggest models with amazing speed, and handle the most complex optimization and simulation problems. Depending on the problem and size of the business, cost savings and profit improvements of up to US$1 million or more are not uncommon.

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If you already use the Basic Excel Solver, upgrading couldn’t be easier

Whether you are looking for a faster version of the Excel Solver, need to handle larger problems, or need the most powerful and fastest optimization and Monte Carlo simulation capabilities available for Excel, you've come to the right place.

Since we developed the Excel Solver and our products are 100% upward compatible from it, upgrading is easy, and your learning curve is low. Your existing Solver models, and even any VBA code you’ve developed to control the Solver, can be used without any changes. You'll just get faster and better solutions, more reports and charts, and many new options to use to get the results you want.

For more information on the ease and benefits of upgrading visit our Upgrading the Excel Solver page.

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If you are new to our Solvers, you’ll be amazed at how easy we make it for you

Whether you are looking for Optimization or Simulation tools, we make it easy to get started using them and make better decisions as a result. In addition, with our comprehensive product line you can get the features you need now, with confidence that you can upgrade to a version with more power at any time.

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Product OverviewSee how easy it is to add simulation capability to an Excel workbook

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Many of our Excel Solvers also include features such as Automatic Mode where they will analyze your model, determine its type and automatically choose the best available method and engine to solve it, or Guided Mode where it will help guide you in understanding your model, addressing any errors, and getting the best answer.

In addition, our proprietary Psi interpreter, included in our Platform level solvers, is so fast you will also have the ability to do interactive optimization and simulation for essentially real-time what-if and sensitivity analysis. You can see an example of just how fast it is in this short video.

If you are just getting up to speed on optimization or simulation, you may want to visit our Optimization Learning Center or our Simulation Learning Center to learn more about these powerful tools for better decision making, and access additional tutorials and videos to learn more.

We’re Here to Support Your Success

We offer a full range of support internally and through external partners to help you succeed. Whether you are looking for pre-sales support on your problem and our product line, Technical Support on using our tools, or personalized Consulting Services, we are here to help you. We offer a full range of online support resources you can access anytime.

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In addition, we invite you, or a member of your team, to download a free 15-day trial of our Solvers. With just one download you can switch between, and try, all our optimization and simulation tools. If you are already registered simply Log In, if you haven’t registered yet simply complete the form below.