Cell B12 calculates the Total Revenue using the formula =$B$8 * $B$1 - $B$5 * $B$1 * $B$3 - $B$6 * $B$1 * $B$10 or the Gross Revenue minus refunds to no shows and compensation to overbooked customers.

Click the Output tab and select cell B12, then click Add Output.  This will mark the selected cell as a simulation output.  Initially, you will see an empty image with text, "No data available yet…".  This is simply because a simulation has not yet been run and thus, no output data is available.  Once a simulation is run, this page will display histograms of the output data for each output cell.  To explore the details of a given output cell, you can either select the output cell on the worksheet, or click the histogram on the Solver pane.  Both actions will bring you to the output details page, where you will be able to examine the output function's statistics such as sensitivity, percentiles, and correlations. 

We’ve now defined the uncertain variables in our model.  Anything calculated from these uncertain variables is an uncertain function, but usually we’re interested only in specific results such as Total Revenue at cell B12.