For over 20 years we’ve consistently enhanced the capacity, speed and range of problems our Solvers can handle to allow you to more easily build better models and get better answers, at prices equal or less than competing alternatives. In Version 11.0 of our Solvers, we’ve continued that tradition but have focused most on helping you, whether you are an Excel user or a developer, get started more easily and see results even faster.

With the significant V11.0 enhancements to these products, we have discontinued our Risk Solver Premium product. You can learn more about each product on the Products Overview page, as well as see a detailed feature and capability Comparison Chart of Excel Solvers (PDF).

Streamlined Excel Product Line to Help You More Easily Choose the Right Product for You

To help you more easily choose the best product for your needs, we’ve reduced the number of products, simplified their names, and added additional features with no increase in pricing.

  1. Risk Solver Platform, our “super-product”, provides the ultimate level of simulation, conventional and stochastic optimization in Excel, allowing you to solve virtually any type of problem and make the best decisions, even in the face of uncertainty.
  2. Premium Solver Platform, the best and most popular tool for conventional optimization in Excel, helps you better allocate scarce resources. Solve every type of conventional optimization problem, and with plug-in engines, problems of virtually unlimited size.
  3. Risk Solver Pro (formerly Risk Solver), the fastest Excel Monte Carlo simulation tool, it also offers truly interactive simulation, parameterized multiple simulations and, now with V11.0, simulation optimization so you can go beyond risk analysis to make better decisions.
  4. Premium Solver Pro (formerly Premium Solver), our basic upgrade for the Excel Solver capable of solving larger optimization problems more quickly now also provides guidance about your model type and automatically chooses the best engine to solve it.

With the enhancements to these products, we have discontinued our Risk Solver Premium product. You can learn more about each product on the Products Overview page, as well as see a detailed feature and capability Comparison Chart (PDF) of Excel Solvers.

A Broader SDK Product Line To Better Meet Your Specific Needs

Previously we only had one SDK product, Solver SDK Platform. With V11.0 we are introducing Solver SDK Pro. With a lower price point, it is designed to meet the needs of developers who don’t need to use plug-in solver engines, load Excel workbooks, or do simulation/simulation-optimization.

You can learn more on our Products Overview page, and review a detailed feature and capability SDK Comparison Chart.

Get Started Building and Solving Models Even More Easily and Confidently

We’ve made dozens of enhancements across our entire product line to help you get started more easily and see results faster such as:

  1. New welcome workbook — When you first launch Excel after installing our solvers a workbook will open up to help orient you to our product and show you resources available in product and online to help you get started.
  2. New Quick Start guides, updated online tutorials, and new online videos — Learn about installing and changing products, get a visual walk through our ribbon and task pane interface, watch example Excel models converted to optimization and simulation models, and learn about key optimization and simulation principles.
  3. Expanded context sensitive help — Now you can access in-product help in many more places so you can more quickly and easily get insight and help on how to use a feature, pick a function, correct an error, or solve a problem in less time.
  4. Easier to use charts — We refined our charts to make them both easier to use and to provide even more insight on your optimization and simulation results.
  5. Completely revised SDK guides — For V11.0 we’ve gone well beyond just updating our manuals to completely re-writing the manuals for our SDK products to help new users get up to speed quickly and better take advantage of the power they offer.

V11.0 also includes numerous upgrades over V10.5. Engines, dialog boxes, problem size limits and more have all been improved. Click here for a product summary of some of the larger changes.

If you are coming from the free Basic Solver in Excel you’re in luck

Your existing models and VBA code will work exactly as is so upgrading is easy. You can even see an example of how a model built using the basic Excel Solver is instantly solvable with any of our optimization upgrades, and how quickly and easily you can actually recreate it from scratch as well. See the video here. You can also visit our Excel Solver Upgrade page to learn more about upgrading from the Excel Solver and which upgrade may be best for you.

Download a Free 15-day Trial and See for Yourself

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