I get one of the following errors on invoking XLMiner "Object library invalid or contains references to object definitions that could not be found." or "Compile error hidden module: ModAMain or ModAfuncs"

Try the following:

  1. Close Excel.
  2. Go into a command prompt and type the following DOS commands:

    For Windows XP Operating System:

    • >CD \Document And Settings
    • >DEL /S /A:H /A:-H *.EXD

    For Windows Vista Operating System:

    • >CD \Users
    • >DEL /S /A:H /A:-H *.EXD
  3. Invoke XLMiner.
    This procedure will delete cached files that pertain to outdated installations.

I'm using XLMiner with Excel 2007. It installed fine, but I get errors or missing menu items when I launch XLMiner.

Please check several things:

  1. You should be running Windows XP or Vista
  2. You should be using Excel 2003 or 2007
  3. You should enable macros when opening Excel
  4. Security should be set to medium in Excel
  5. You should be using US regional language settings in Windows
  6. If all this seems correct, and you use Excel 2007, check to be sure that the add-in was not disabled at some previous point (Round Excel button, Excel Options, Addins, check the "disabled applications" list)
  7. If you do all this and the problem persists, please uninstall, re-download and re-install. Use this link to download
  8. If none of this works, and you are running Excel 2007, your original installation may have failed to include some Visual Basic components. Check to be sure that you have the required VBA (Visual Basic) components installed. These needed components were routinely part of Excel 2003 and prior installation procedures, but Excel 2007's installation routines are less likely to include them. Here are instructions.

When I run some models in Excel 2007, XLMiner produces a huge results file (bigger than 70 megs) and takes a long time.

Try first saving your original data file in an .xls file format (Excel 2003).

My XLMiner license is expiring, but it should have more time on it.

The key that we sent you probably did not get properly installed. Please check to be sure that you have properly installed the key that you obtained when you purchased the software. The software comes with a demo version key that runs for 30 days, and is superceded when you install the purchased key.

Please check your version and key status:

  1. In the XLMiner menu, select About XLMiner
  2. Click on the button that says "License Info"
  3. There should be at least two rows, one of them for the demo and one for the purchased version
  4. If only the demo version is listed, please reinstall the license, being sure to follow the instructions carefully

I installed the key you sent me, but it did not work.

Did you cut and paste it from the email we sent you? This will help avoid errors. Did you install it shortly after receipt? The key must be used within 10 days of issuance, otherwise it will not work. Try reinstalling the key - be sure to:

  • Copy and paste your name, exactly as it appears in the license email
  • Copy and paste your key, exactly as it appears in the license email
  • Do not include any extra spaces before or after your name or key

I downloaded XLMiner but cannot get it to install.

Most likely, your download was faulty. Please try again. If you would like assistance please email support@solver.com. We are happy to assist.

I received a "corrupt cabinet file" error when I tried to install XLMiner after downloading.

This is also likely the result of a faulty download. We are happy to assist.

I downloaded and installed XLMiner previously, then uninstalled it. Now I re-downloaded it, but it won't install.

You should be able to re-download and install XLMiner again within 30 days of your first download, but, after that, you will need to purchase a license.

XLMiner seemed to install properly, but it does not appear in Excel's top menu when I launch it.

Please confirm you started the install process vs. just downloaded the file. After download, you must launch the download file to install it. Alternatively, are you running an old version of Excel? XLMiner requires Excel 2000 or later. Also, check that your Excel macro security setting is at "medium" (Tools > Macros > Security).

When I launch Excel, it tries to run an old version of XLMiner.
When I launch Excel, it tries to find XLMiner to run, but can't find it.
When I launch Excel, it is automatically launching XLMiner and I get a license error, but I know I have a valid license.

For each of the above three questions, most likely you have "XLMiner" checked in the list of Add-ins (Tools > Add-ins) that Excel tries to start automatically each time it runs. Probably, the version of XLMiner that this facility is looking for is either old, missing, or has an expired license. The solution:

  • Remove the checkmark next to XLMiner, following further instructions if needed
  • This will not remove XLMiner, it will only stop Excel from looking for it to start it automatically
  • When you need to use XLMiner, run it directly from the Start menu (this will open Excel too, if it is not already open)

I am getting permissions errors when I try to install or run.

See "I am deploying XLMiner to a network..." below

I am getting Install Shield errors when I try to install or run.

You need administrator privileges to install - check that "permission to install software" is among the rights accorded any created admin account. See also "I am deploying XLMiner to a network..." below

I'm not a student - can I buy the education version?

Yes, if you purchase it personally. Non-educational institutions cannot own the product, however. The registered user and owner must be the individual who purchases it.

I am deploying XLMiner to a network and getting error messages when the users try to run it.

The user should have write permission in the following folders to install and run XLMiner:
To Install:

  1. The Folder specified by user to extract the setup files (temporary installation files). By default, XLMiner creates a folder called "XLMiner" in the user's temp path.*
  2. The Folder specified by user to install the XLMiner (by default it is "C:\Program Files\XLMiner")

To Execute:

  1. User temp path folder*, where XLMiner creates a folder "XLMiner" to write temporary files.
  2. XLMiner installation folder (i.e. where XLMiner is installed) where XLMiner creates a log file.

*Note: The user temp path is set by the operating system; in Windows XP it is typically "C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Local Settings\Temp" where UserName is the name of the user who is logged in.

XLMiner is misclassifying my numeric variables as non-numeric.

XLMiner will automatically consider a variable (column) to be numeric if all the values are numeric. If one or more values is non-numeric, XLMiner treats it as a non-numeric variable. There is probably some value somewhere that is non-numeric. Sometimes the offending value(s) can be hard to spot (the letter O instead of 0 for example). One way to locate it is to add a column where you will have a formula that performs an arithmetic operation on the problem column; then you can quickly scan for a non-numeric outcome (which will probably stand out more than the non-numeric value(s) in the problem column).

I was expecting to get an email with the information I need to download XLMiner, but I have not received it.

Please check your spam filter for a message from support@solver.com.

In partitioning data, I am limited to 200 rows per partition.

This is because you are running the demo edition. You need to purchase a license to go beyond those limits. If you have purchased a license and this is still happening, then the license was not properly installed -- review the two items above.

I am getting the error message "Some error(s) encountered during execution"

Check to be sure that you used only fixed values (no formulas) as inputs.

XLMiner hangs while drawing a lift curve.

This is probably because Excel is taking a long time to plot all the records selected for the plot. Try selecting a smaller set of data in the data partition used to draw the curve.

I am getting an error "Compile error in hidden module:modAMain".


This error occurs if Excel on you computer is missing some Visual Basic component. Please read this article from Microsoft.-->

Try carrying out the steps in this website for the error you get. Alternatively, you can try reinstalling Excel from your original CD's, taking care to opt for full installation of Visual Basic components.


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