Version 3.3 (Released August 30, 2011)

In July 2011, Frontline Systems Inc. acquired all rights to XLMiner from Cytel Corporation and LLC.

This release includes several enhancements:

  1. Made a large number of minor bug fixes and usability enhancements
  2. Included XLMcalc, formerly sold separately, as a part of XLMiner for no extra charge
  3. Updated in-product Help to address some missing and out of date content
  4. Simplified the installation process to reduce the number of steps -- XLMiner is now registered with Excel automatically
  5. Created a Welcome Workbook which opens after the installation, with helpful information and links for the new user
  6. Released a 64-bit version of XLMiner (made available between this and the prior release)
  7. Replaced the custom XLMiner licensing system with Frontline's standard licensing system, used with all our other products

Important note for existing customers

  1. This is a free upgrade for existing customers with current licenses, but it does require that we issue you a new license. Simply call us at 775-831-0300 and press 4 for support, or email us at and we will assist you in quickly updating your license. Please call us before you run the Setup program.
  2. XLMiner V3.3 is not a mandatory upgrade. You can continue to use your existing version for the duration of your current license.

What you can do next

  1. Learn more about the features and benefits of XLMiner
  2. Download a free trial or update (requires that you are logged in)
  3. Renew expiring licenses or buy new ones by calling (775-831-0300) or emailing us (

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