We're now shipping Solver SDK® (Pro and Platform) V2017, a new version of our popular Software Development Kit for solving Monte Carlo simulation and conventional and stochastic optimization models. Solver SDK V2017 inherits many of the new features of Analytic Solver® V2017, such as our enhanced Evolutionary Solver that solves complex (non-smooth, non-convex) models with integer variables much faster than before. It also uses our new, flexible licensing system, so developers will find they can use one license across an office computer, laptop and home machine (but only one at a time).

On AnalyticSolver.com, our comprehensive cloud-based analytics platform that parallels Analytic Solver desktop version, we've found ways to significantly speed up the basic 'turnaround' of optimization, simulation, and data mining operations from our back-end RASON® server cluster.  Most users (including students) with small optimization and simulation models should see results two to three times faster than before. Data mining models also run faster, but because more data is typically returned, the speedup isn't quite as dramatic.

Meanwhile, our universe of cloud spreadsheet users continues to grow. In a January 2016 press release, we reported that Frontline had surpassed 100,000 users of its cloud-based advanced analytics tools for Excel Online and Google Sheets. That number is now over 250,000 users. If you aren't already using these free tools, visit Solver, Risk Solver, and XLMiner Analysis ToolPak for Excel Online in the Office Store, or visit Solver, Risk Solver, and XLMiner Analysis ToolPak for Google Sheets in the Chrome Store.