Introduction to the Explore Menu

The Explore menu gives you access to Analytic Solver’s Data Analysis tool, Dimensionality Reduction via Feature Selection and the ability to explore your data using charts such as Bar charts, Line Charts, Scatterplots, Boxplots, Histograms, Parallel Coordinates, Scatter Plot Matrices and Variable Plots.

Data Analysis

In the latest release of Analytic Solver, users have access to the Analyze Data feature located on the Explore menu. With the Analyze Data application, users can generate a multivariate chart for any number of scale (continuous) or categorical variables.  This feature can be used as a standalone application and can be particularly useful as a step in understanding your data while in the process of building your data science model.  This feature allows you to look at your data not as static historical data but as a realization of an uncertain variable such as what you would encounter in simulation modeling. 

Feature Selection

Feature selection methods are a powerful aid in what's often the most challenging task of data science: Deciding which data to "feed" into the classification and prediction algorithms.  Of all the scores or hundreds of variables or columns of data you have, feature selection helps you identify the right variables that have predictive power for your problem. 

Chart Wizard

To visualize your data in some new ways not available in Excel charts, try Explore - Chart Wizard.  This tool -- rewritten for V2023 Q2 using JavaScript and D3, so it works uniformly in both desktop Excel and Excel for the Web -- lets you quickly create a chart of all Variables (attributes or features), create Histograms, Parallel Coordinates and Scatterplot Matrix charts, and quickly create (and filter data in) some standard chart types like Bar Charts, Line Charts, Scatterplots and Box-Whisker plots.