The Gurobi Solver Connector is a plug-in that connects Analytic Solver Platform, Risk Solver Platform, Premium Solver Platform or Solver SDK Platform to the Gurobi Optimizer -- the software product sold separately by Gurobi Optimization, which includes Gurobi's APIs for several programming languages, but no built-in support for Excel. Together, the Gurobi Solver Connector and Gurobi Optimizer extend the power of our Solver Platform products to handle linear and quadratic programming problems with up to millions of variables and constraints, with no fixed limits on problem size. Problems with tens of thousands of variables and constraints often solve in just seconds.

Annual Support.  Annual Support for the Gurobi Solver Connector is required throughout the license term.  Annual Support includes:

  • A limited warranty for the functionality and performance of the software product 
  • All software upgrades for the product released during the license term
  • Ability to trade in this product for another Frontline Systems product
  • Technical support by phone and email during normal business hours
  • Up to 15 minutes of consulting assistance arising during the license term

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Price: $1,260.00