Installing Analytic Solver Cloud

Analytic Solver V2020 includes our next-generation offering, Analytic Solver Cloud – usable in the latest versions of Excel for Windows and Macintosh, and in Excel for the Web.  Analytic Solver Cloud is divided into two add-ins that work closely together (since an Office add-in currently can have only one Ribbon tab): the Analytic Solver add-in builds optimization and simulation models, and the Data Mining add-in builds data mining or forecasting models.

Both the Analytic Solver and Data Mining add-ins support existing models created in previous versions of Analytic Solver.  Your license for Analytic Solver allows you to use Analytic Solver Desktop in desktop Excel or Analytic Solver Cloud in either desktop Excel (latest version) or Excel for the Web. 

To use the Analytic Solver and Data Mining add-ins, you must first “insert” them for use in your copy of desktop Excel or Excel for the Web, while you are logged into your Office 365 account.  Once you do this, the Analytic Solver and Data Mining tabs will appear on the Ribbon in each new workbook you use.

To insert the add-ins for the first time, open desktop Excel (latest version) or Excel for the Web, click the Insert tab on the Ribbon, then click the button Office Add-ins or (if you see it) the smaller button Get Add-ins.

In the dialog box that appears, click the Store tab and type “Analytic Solver” into the Search box.  Once you find the Analytic Solver add-in, click Add.  After a moment, you should see the Analytic Solver tab appear on the Ribbon, with a note about how to “Get started with the Solver add-in”, as shown below.

Repeat these steps to search for, locate and Add the Analytic Solver Data Mining add-in. After a moment, you should see the Data Mining tab appear on the Ribbon, with a similar “Get started” note.

After you perform these steps (one time) to insert the Analytic Solver and Analytic Solver Data Mining add-ins, they will appear under "My Add-ins".  If you ever need to remove the add-ins, click the “…” symbol to the right of the add-in name, then click the Remove choice on the dropdown menu that appears.

Installing Analytic Solver Desktop

To install Analytic Solver Desktop to work with any of the supported versions of Microsoft Excel (see above), simply run the program SolverSetup.exe, which installs all of the Solver program, Help and example files.  SolverSetup.exe checks your system, detects what version of Office you are running (32-bit or 64-bit) and then downloads and runs the appropriate Setup program version.  For more information on installing Analytic Solver for Desktop Excel, download the Analytic Solver User Guide from (Support - Excel User Guides) and see the chapter Installations and Addins.