There’s been a lot of talk about the rise of data science lately, but what does it mean for your business? While not every company needs to hire a data scientist, almost every business and industry can benefit in some way from analyzing company data more intelligently and efficiently. Companies within industries from retail brick-and-mortar to online ecommerce can use customer data to help them make more informed decisions that will resonate more personally with their intended customers. This post from Luxury Daily highlights businesses in five industries that have benefited from smarter analysis of data, and how you can apply some of their tactics to your own company.

Timberland is one brand that has seen great success with the implementation of data science. Nearing their last legs, the company was able to turn sales around by focusing more on data-driven insights into the minds of their consumers, and targeting their messaging and products to them accordingly, as well as fixing some longstanding problems. Retail isn't the only industry where data science shines; insightful analysis of data can benefit companies in many other industries as well. For more on how data science helps businesses, and what it takes to become a successful data scientist, continue reading.

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