The Frontline Solvers Partner Program is designed for people with an active interest in building and deploying predictive and prescriptive analytic models, who want to grow their marketable skills in this highly “in-demand” domain.

As one of our Partners, you’ll get VIP training and support to help grow your analytic modeling skills. When you can demonstrate analytic modeling expertise and knowledge of our products, you’ll become eligible to receive active consulting  leads from us if there is a match with your skill set and our client’s needs. . With your expertise and our software and support, together we’ll help our customers succeed.

Which Category Best Describes You?

Microsoft Excel MVP, Power BI or Tableau Expert

The market demand for predictive and prescriptive analytics has exploded and is only going to continue to grow. What if you were able to use the skills you already have in Excel and/or Power BI and combine them with additional skills in optimization, simulation, or data mining? You would become a sought after expert and would have an opportunity to expand your consulting business. Our Partner Program is designed specifically for experts like you to efficiently acquire those new skills through our online courses (free for you), live training and VIP support. Take the time to invest in yourself and in your business - apply now for our Partner Program.

Professor Interested in Consulting

If you’re looking to engage with industry and supplement your teaching salary, a natural course is to offer consulting services to companies seeking to apply predictive and prescriptive analytics. The Frontline Solvers Partner Program makes it easier for you to bring in clients. When our software customers need your expertise, we’ll pair you up with them for consulting services. As our Partner, you’ll also benefit from preferred status and extra support in university courses you’re teaching. Start on the path today to meet new clients and generate additional income - apply now for our Partner Program.

Consulting Firm

If you’re finding that data-driven predictive and prescriptive analytics are increasing relevant in your specialty, we can help you -- whether or not optimization, simulation/risk analysis, or data mining is a core skill for you. The Frontline Solvers Partner Program gives you access to best-in-class software for predictive and prescriptive analytics, online training for you or even your clients, and VIP technical support -- we can even act as your “prescriptive modeling back-office team”. And when we identify a match between our customers’ needs and your skill set, we can refer business to you. Get started today to grow your clientele and revenue - apply now for our Partner Program.

Five Reasons to Partner With Us

  • Free software license for you
  • Demo software licenses for your clients
  • Free analytics training certifications
  • Referrals to you of our clients who need your services
  • VIP technical and modeling support


What Our Partners Say

"Our partnership with Solver has resulted in successful simulation and optimization projects with multiple clients. Solver’s team is a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to continuing collaborating with them in future projects."

- Huybert Groenendaal, Epix Analytics

“Profit Point has been a consulting partner with Frontline Solvers for 17 years providing state of the art optimization solutions for the hardest problems faced by the world’s largest companies. Frontline is a leader in analytics for spreadsheets and the web and offers excellent solutions to solve the most difficult problems. Their product support and technical support teams have always provided exceptional services to Profit Point’s Business consultants, enabling Profit Point to continue to provide leading-edge solutions and service to our customers.”

- Alan Kosansky, Profit Point

How to Get Started

  1. Get started on If you haven't already done so, complete our registration form for a free user account. This information will be used throughout the Partner program, so please ensure it reflects your business.
  2. Complete Partner application. Once you've registered or logged in, click here to complete a simple Partner application form with your areas of interest/expertise.
  3. Interview with our team. After you submit the Partner application form, you'll be invited to schedule a day and time for a 30-minute interview session, where both of us can ask questions.
  4. Sign Partner Education agreement. Assuming that we both want to proceed, we'll send you our simple Partner Education agreement to formalize your participation in our program.
  5. Complete online training and certification. Once you complete the application and interview, you’ll get access to our extensive training and certification modules. You’ll gain special skills and knowledge that will make you a highly valuable expert in your field.
  6. Put your skills to work. Once you’ve passed the courses and training, you’ll be qualified to serve a new market and/or your clients in a new way. You will also be eligible to receive leads from us for your business. As our customers need your expertise, we will refer them to you to add your services to our software.