PsiOptValue(cell_or_name, optimization, model)

PsiOptValue returns the specific value for a cell or function of an optimization.  Pass the cell address or defined name of the desired cell for the first argument, Cell_or_name.  Pass the optimization number for the second argument, Optimization, if multiple optimizations are being run.  Pass the Sheet name for the model argument, when running multiple optimizations on multiple worksheets (within the same workbook) when the same cell is used for more than one optimization and the Excel Interpreter is used.  (This argument is not supported when the PSI Interpreter is in use.)  For example, if cell Sheet1!A1 is used in the optimization model in Sheet1 and also the optimization model in Sheet2, =PsiOptValue(Sheet1!A1,2,”Sheet1”) will return the value of cell Sheet1!A1 for the 2nd optimization on Sheet1.  Similarly, =PsiOptValue(Sheet1!A1, 3, “Sheet2”) will return the value of cell Sheet1!A1 for the 3rd optimization on Sheet2.