PsiMVShuffle (data)

PsiMVShuffle is a multivariate distribution that returns a vector of sample data; to use it, you must ‘array-enter’ a formula using this function. For example, you might select cells A1:B5, type a formula such as =PsiMVShuffle(C1:D5), and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter. The formula will then appear in all ten cells A1:B5 as {=PsiMVShuffle(C1:D5)}. On each Monte Carlo trial, the function will return 10 sample values.

PsiMVShuffle returns a random permutation of all the trial values in the cell range specified by the data argument, which should contain at least as many columns and rows as the cell range in which the function is array-entered. (Note: This function will still work if the function is array-entered into a cell range that is smaller or larger than the data cell range.) In the sample drawn on each Monte Carlo trial, each cell in the data range is selected only once; values are repeated in a single sample only if they are repeated in data.