If you've used Excel for risk analysis, you've probably used our code!  Microsoft hired Frontline Systems to develop the highly accurate probability distribution and inverse distribution functions that you use in Microsoft Excel 2010, 2011 and 2013.

We not only offer leading software tools for Monte Carlo simulation and risk analysis -- we've deeply integrated them with our Solvers for optimization, giving you advanced tools for simulation optimization, robust optimization, and stochastic optimization, that no other simulation software vendor can match.

Risk Solver ProLightning fast Monte Carlo simulation and powerful
Decision Tree capabilities in one easy to use product
  • Risk Solver Pro:  Our professional tools for Monte Carlo simulation, decision trees, and risk analysis.
  • Risk Solver Platform:  All the features of Risk Solver Pro and Premium Solver Platform, plus new power for recourse ("wait and see") decisions, robust optimization, and stochastic optimization.

Simulation Explained

Monte Carlo simulation is the right analytics method when you want to analyze multiple uncertainties that affect your business outcomes.  A simulation can quickly show you the full range of outcomes, in charts and graphs, and help you quantify business results and risk for thousands of cases, not just "best, worst and average" cases.  By playing "what if" with factors you can control, you can learn how to mitigate risk.  When combined with optimization, you can decide how to best allocate resources in the presence of risk.

Learn more about risk analysis in our tutorial ».  Learn more about simulation methods in our tutorial ».

What product is right for you?

If you're getting started and want just the tools for risk analysis, Risk Solver Pro provides everything you'll need -- integrated Monte Carlo simulation and decision trees.  Combine it with Premium Solver Pro, or upgrade it to Risk Solver Platform for full-power conventional and stochastic optimization.

If you've used Monte Carlo simulation and want to move beyond risk analysis to make better ("optimal hedged") decisions for a risky future, Risk Solver Platform provides powerful capabilities for optimal resource allocation in the presence of uncertainty and risk that you can't get anywhere else.

Other Analytic Tools:  If you need conventional optimization (without uncertainty), see our Optimization products.  If you need to analyze data and make predictions, see our Data Mining products.


Features and Benefits

The fastest simulationsAt up to 100x faster than competing alternatives, you'll spend less time watching your simulation run, and more time analyzing results.
Interactive simulationRisk Solver is the only software fast enough to allow you to play "what if" with your simulation model, and gain insights from instant results.
Easier model buildingPoint and click to select from 50 probability distributions, or let our Distribution Wizard guide you.  Use your historical data to automatically find the best-fitting distribution.
Handle multi stage decisionsBuild single and multi-stage decision trees simply by filling in fields, and modify them right in Excel.  Use conventional rollback analysis, or run simulations on your decision trees.
Insightful chartsFrom single outcome frequency charts, to multiple-outcome linked chart windows, to charts covering multiple parameterized simulations, Risk Solver has everything you need.
Helpful example modelsOver 30 simulation examples and a dozen decision tree examples show you step by step how to create a basic model through using advanced features and sensitivity analysis.
Unique Platform featuresAll the power of Risk Solver Pro and Premium Solver Platform, plus the most powerful simulation optimization, robust optimization, and stochastic optimization on the market.


Stochastic Optimization Explained

Won't "simulation optimization" do everything I need?  Most risk analysis products offer some capability for simulation optimization.  This method is great for what it does -- and Frontline Solvers offer the fastest simulation optimization you can find.  But simulation optimization can be very slow on modest-size models (with hundreds of decision variables), and is usually impractical for models with 5,000 to 10,000 variables or more.  Risk Solver Platform can solve these models, using robust optimization and stochastic programming methods -- it includes some of the world's best algorithms for these problems.

But there's more:  With simulation optimization, you cannot even define the kinds of models that Risk Solver Platform solves.  These models include both "here and now" decisions, and "wait and see" decisions (also called recourse decisions).  Very often, in a business situation, there are options to make some decisions on a "wait and see" basis -- and doing so buys you flexibility in the decisions you must make today.  Models that leave out these decisions can cost you a lot of money.  If you want to find the best decisions for a risky future, software offering only simulation optimization is just not up to the job.  But with Risk Solver Platform, you'll not only have the modeling and optimization power you need -- you'll find it's easy to use.

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