This example describes the use of the Bar Chart in Analytic Solver to illustrate the details of the Sports TV Ratings dataset.  Steps for creating a bar chart in Analytic Solver Cloud may be found below.

Using Analytic Solver Desktop to Create a Bar Chart

Click Help – Example Models on the Data Mining ribbon, then click Forecasting / Data Mining Models and open the  example file, SportsTVRatings.xlsx.

Select a cell within the data (say A2), then click Explore – Chart Wizard to bring up the first dialog of the Chart Wizard.

Click Next.  On the Y Axis Selection Dialog, select World Series, and then click Next.

Note that all variables will be plotted on the X axis.

Click Finish.  To set the Panel and Color options.  These options can always be set later in the upper right hand corner of the plot.

To change the variable on the X-axis (or the Y-axis if Bars are set to "Vertical"), simply click the down arrow and select the desired variable from the menu.

To add a 2nd chart to the window, simply click the desired chart icon at the top of the Chart Wizard.

Please see the Common Chart Options section (below) for a complete description of each icon on the chart title bar.

To exit the graph, click the red X in the upper right hand corner of the Chart Wizard window.

To save the chart for later viewing, click Save.  To delete the chart, click Discard, to cancel the save and return to the chart, click Cancel.  For this example, enter BarChart for the chart name, then click Save.   The chart will close.  To reopen the chart, click Explore – Existing Charts – BarChart.

Using Analytic Solver Cloud to Create a Bar Chart

Click Help – Example Models – Forecasting / Data Mining Models in Analytic Solver Cloud to open the Sports TV Ratings dataset.  Then click Explore – Chart Wizard and select Bar Charts at the very top. 

  • Change the plotted statistic by clicking the down arrow beneath Statistic.
  • Use Color By to select a color for a specific set of observations.
  • Use Filter to filter the results according to a specific criterion.