This page apples only to Frontline Solvers V2016 and earlier.  Click here for information on Multiple-User License for Frontline Solvers V2017.

This page is your guide to Frontline Systems' current terms for Flexible Use (often called "concurrent use") licenses.  Our prices and terms are subject to change without notice.

Frontline Systems' normal software product license is a Standalone license.  This license authorizes use of the software on one computer, identified by a unique hardware "fingerprint" computed from the computer's hard disk ID, Ethernet MAC address, etc.  If you want one or more users to be able to use the software on multiple computers, you may wish to consider a Flexible Use license.

One Flexible Use License for most Frontline Systems software products is normally 2.5 times the total price of a standalone license, but please contact us for specific details.

One Flexible Use license allows multiple users, working at multiple computers, to use a Frontline Systems software product, so long as no more than one running program is using the product at any given time.  Each program requests and later releases the license to run the software product.  The minimum time "quantum" for use by a program is ten minutes, but the time taken to solve a large optimization or simulation problem may be greater than this.

The users and computers may be located anywhere, and they may each have their own local copies of Frontline Systems software files, but the computers must be able to communicate over a TCP/IP network with a specific computer that is running license server software supplied by Frontline Systems.  The license server software, and the licenses it maintains, are tied to a specific computer by a unique hardware "fingerprint" computed from the computer's hard disk ID, Ethernet MAC address, etc.

For further flexibility, in most cases a Flexible Use license may be "checked out" from the license server and used for a period of time on a laptop or notebook computer that is disconnected from the network.  (During this time, the license is not available for use on the network.)  The license may be "checked in" to the license server at any time, making it again available for shared use.  Please contact us for advice if you expect to use this option.

A pool of Flexible Use licenses may be centrally managed by the person responsible for maintaining and running the license server software.  For example, certain licenses may be "reserved" for use by high-priority users, while other licenses are available more broadly.  For more information on the tools and options available with the license server, please contact us.