PsiMeanCIB (cell, confidence_level, [lowerbound], [simulation], [strucformat],[paramslice])

PsiMeanCIB returns the lower or upper bound of the confidence interval (half width) of the mean value for the specified uncertain function.

cell – Enter the cell address of the specified uncertain function.

confidence_level – Enter the desired confidence level, i.e. 0.95 or 0.99.

lowerbound – (Optional) Enter true for the lower (default) or false for the upper bound.

simulation – (Optional) Used when multiple simulations are performed during simulation parameter analysis (i.e. use of the PsiSimParam function).  Enter an integer greater than 0 and less than NumSimulations for the simulation index.  The default is 1.

strucformat, paramslice—(Optional) Used in Dimensional Modeling.  Enter "vals" to display cube elements in a pivot table, enter "dims" to display dimensions with lengths or enter a dimension name to return a "slice" of the data table.    

Example:  =PsiMeanCIB(A1, .99, true, 5) returns the lower bound for the 99% confidence interval for the distribution in cell A1 for simulation index 5.