Support and Upgrades

Our prices and terms are subject to change without notice. This out-of-date page refers to Flexible Use Licenses, which have been superseded by Multiple User Licenses.  Please click on Summary Terms for information about the services included in Frontline's Annual Support Contracts.

Annual Support Contracts

Our single user support prices are  listed on the Excel Product Prices and SDK Product Prices pages.

Flexible Use Support

We offer Annual Support Contracts for Flexible Use licenses on the following terms:

  • The first Annual Support Contract for a Flexible Use license is 2.5 times the price shown above for Annual Support for a Standalone license for the same product.
  • This first Annual Support Contract includes (i) updates and upgrades to the software during the contract period and (ii) support via phone, fax and email for up to two individuals, whose names must be provided at the time the Annual Support Contract is purchased.  It includes 30 minutes of consulting assistance, which may be shared between the two users.
  • Each such Annual Support Contract is for a period of 12 months, and includes 15 minutes of consulting assistance.

Summary Terms

An Annual Support Contract begins on the date it is purchased and lasts for 12 months.  It includes:

  • A limited warranty for the functionality and performance of the software product 
  • All software upgrades for the product released during the contract term
  • Ability to trade in the product for a more powerful Solver product of the same type
  • Access to protected support pages of our Website
  • Technical support by phone and email during normal business hours
  • Up to 15 minutes of consulting assistance arising during the contract term

If a user's Annual Support Contract expires, or if the user signs a Waiver of Annual Support Contract Privileges when initially purchasing a software license, the user receives: 

  • Access to protected support pages of our Website for the first 90 days
  • Any bug fixes for the product released for the first 90 days 
  • Technical support limited to installation and licensing issues
  • No warranty as to the functionality and performance of the product
  • No upgrades to future versions of the product
  • No trade-ins for more powerful products

At present, users without Annual Support Contracts who later wish to upgrade to a new release of a software product, or start taking advantage of our support services, are required to "catch up" by paying the Annual Support Contract prices currently in effect, for the full period from the date that any previous support contract lapsed (or the date that the software license was originally purchased without a support contract) until 12 months beyond the current date.

Please click on Annual Support Contracts - Specifics for descriptions of these services.  Our standard Annual Support Contract is the governing document specifying what is and is not included in each of these services.  If you require pre-sales or evaluation-period support or assistance, please be sure to read Pre-Sales Support and Consulting.